Would you go a year without washing your clothes? Well, mattresses are not any different. We wear them daily, so they need a regular wash! But unfortunately, we can’t simply throw them into the washing machine. Here’s where Diamond Steam Cleaning can help:

We recommend mattress steam cleaning every 6 months. This helps to remove dust mites and other allergens harmful to our health. Many attempt to clean mattresses at home using DIY methods, and the results can be unpredictable. Professional steam cleaning, from Diamond Steam Cleaning, provides the best outcome. Our team of experts have the know-how to clean your mattress thoroughly, from deep within. We have the latest equipment to clean mattresses combined with top quality and safe cleaning agents.

With the warmer summer weather, now is the time to act and freshen up your mattresses! Your mattresses will be dry sooner, so take advantage of the heat and book now before the busy Christmas period.

Mattress Stains

If your mattress has stains, then we are also experienced in this field. Our technicians are skilled enough to know which chemicals are safe to apply to particular stains eg: coffee, urine, pet accidents, blood, wine etc.

Our mattress cleaning Melbourne team specialise in removing sweat stains on the mattress, as well as urine stains. With daily use, sweat stains are common on mattresses. To keep allergies away, it is important to thoroughly disinfect the mattress and remove any lingering sweat and urine stains. It is better to treat these as soon as they happen, as the longer the are left unattended, the more embedded they become.

Diamond Steam Cleaning are leaders in their field, so if you are searching for the best cleaners to remove mattress stains, call our mattress cleaning Melbourne team today.

There are many advantages of hiring professional steam cleaning services, namely:

  1. Steam cleaning removes dust mites.
  2. Steam cleaning gets deep into the mattress, rather than just on the surface.
  3. Our technician will clean mattress stains effectively and safely.
  4. Our mattress stain removal service is available at reasonable prices.
  5. After a steam clean, your mattress will be sanitised and deodorised, feeling more comfortable and giving you a healthier sleep.

Contact our friendly team today on 0426105106, to book your next mattress clean before Christmas.

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