Has your household or business recently recovered from COVID-19 infection? As coronavirus continues to spread in our community, the need for deep cleaning becomes even more relevant and vital.

In order to eradicate bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 you need to clean with temperatures of around 60 degrees. Because steam cleaning cleans at very high temperature, it is ideal to help curb the spread of infection and can sanitise affected areas.

Most households have either already been infected with COVID-19 or have been deemed close contacts. Diamond Steam Cleaning can offer vital cleaning solutions to better manage this winter period of COVID-19 and other viral agents.

Just as important is personal hygiene, so too is regular cleaning of homes, offices or businesses, to ensure infection control. Cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, helps remove and kill germs and prevents the spread of viruses.

Washing at high temperature may be suitable for some household items, but not soft furnishing such as sofas, rugs, carpets, curtains, drapes, mattresses, chairs, car furnishings.

This is where steam cleaning can help. Steam Cleaning is a thermal disinfectant. Steam cleaning machines produce steam at >160 degrees Celsius, which penetrate deep into the surface, leaving furnishings disinfected and clean.

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