Tiny microscopic creatures and bacteria are active in our carpets all year round.

Carpet is the perfect space for bacteria to infest. Over time an aggregate of dead skin cells, dust, outdoor dirt, food and pet dander collects in our carpets, providing the ideal breeding ground for germs.

While regular vacuuming offers some protection, this only provides a superficial solution to a deeper problem.  Most household vacuum cleaners do not reach the true depths of your carpet. Without deep cleaning, as provided by the wonders of carpet steam cleaning, bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus and salmonella can remain in your carpet.

Microscopic bugs

Dust Mites

Beyond the bacteria, many creepy crawlies can thrive in regular households and are very common. Firstly, we are all aware of dust mites. Where there is dust, these can thrive in huge quantities bringing on allergic reactions and especially discomfort for asthma suffers.

Bed Bugs

There are also bed bugs infesting our carpets, despite the common association with mattresses.

Although vacuuming may eliminate some bugs, it does not destroy the eggs. On the other hand, steam cleaning eradicates the eggs and any baby bed bugs, therefore, minimising the chance of future infestation.

Steam delivers lethal temperatures that destroy the population of bed bugs. It is also very effective as it penetrates deeply through the carpets.

Carpet Beetles

Just like bed bugs, carpet beetles frequently invade even the most common households. And as the name suggests, they love to feed off carpet. Carpet beetles can aggravate respiratory problems and allergic reactions. In addition, they can act as carriers for other diseases.

In addition to health problems, carpet beetles are an unwanted pest as they can cause damage to the fibres in your carpet.

Carpet beetles feed off animal material, including wool, fur, felt and leather, which are all common carpet, rug and upholstery materials.

The combination of stream and heat is an effective way in treating these highly common pests.

Getting Rid of Bugs

These are just a few of the common bugs around. The list goes on with lice and pinworms to name a few. Regular vacuuming plays an important role in bug removal, however, often carpets are thick and simply cannot reach deeply enough. Alternatively, deep steam cleaning at high temperatures can effectively and thoroughly cleanse your carpet of bugs by reaching deep into the fibres of your carpets.

The high temperatures kill these bugs and their offspring, and the hot water extraction process removes any leftovers from your carpet.

Hot water extraction process via stream cleaning can be applied to almost any upholstered surface in your home, including:

  • Carpets (household and vehicles)
  • Rugs
  • Bedding 
  • Furniture

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