Most homes have carpeted areas to make it more comfortable to walk on and keep our feet warm, while adding neatness and style to our home. However, with time, as we walk over and use carpets, they do get soiled, dirty and odorous, requiring deep cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services, ideally from Diamond Steam Cleaning, are highly recommended in order maintain the quality and health of your carpet if you want to preserve them. Employing a skilled carpet cleaning team in Melbourne, Diamond Steam Cleaning can assist you in cleaning your carpets.

We offer you a wide range of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Services. Carpet steam cleaning, stain removal, sanitisation and fabric protection are all our expertise.

Regular carpet cleaning via a deep steam clean provides the following benefits:

  1. It maintains the excellent shape of the carpet
  2. Minimises the build-up of dust, mould and bacteria which causes harm to your health.
  3. It avoids permanent carpet stains and odours
  4. Regular steam cleaning contributes to the home’s overall aesthetic appeal.
  5. You can save money by engaging a professional steam cleaner because if you attempt to remove stains yourself, this may lead to permanent discoloration, requiring you to completely rip up your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional carpet steam cleaners can provide customers with a variety of cost-effective services:

  1. Rug and mat cleaning
  2. Deoderising
  3. Coffee or tea stain removal
  4. Wine stain removal
  5. Bloodstain removal
  6. Pet urine stain/odour removal
  7. Vomit stain removal
  8. End of lease carpet cleaning
  9. Move in carpet cleaning
  10. Fabric protection services

To ensure strictly high standards and quality control of our services, we only utilise modern steam cleaning equipment and premium European cleaning products sourced from trusted suppliers.

These are the steps we follow in order to complete the carpet steam cleaning service:

  1. First we vacuum the carpets to remover minor dust and dirt.
  2. Next we shampoo the carpets to loosen the fibres.
  3. Then we use a hot water extraction method to remove the dirt and grime.
  4. Lastly, in order to disinfect the carpet and get rid of allergens, we use carpet sanitisation.
  5. Your carpets will be ready to walk on straight away but will need a couple of hours to fully dry. We recommend to never walk on carpets with shoes in order to preserve their longevity and hygiene.

To obtain an obligation free quote, contact our excerpts at Diamond Steam Cleaning on 0426105106.

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