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Pet Urine and Odour Removal

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At Diamond Steam Cleaning, we value pets as important family members. As much as we love and appreciate our beloved pets from time to time there can be accidents. Pet faeces and pet urine or vomit stains are part and parcel of the process of owning a pet.

For example, when your pet ingests, something that does not agree with their tummy, they are prone to vomiting.

When your dog is a puppy, urine accidents are very common before they have had the chance to toilet train. These accidents sometimes take place on carpets, rugs, or a couch or mattresses and need immediate professional attention.

As urine contains ammonia, the longer an accident is left unattended or untreated, the greater the chance of discolouration. In this case, it is no longer a stain and cannot be treated.

Pet urine accidents not only need to be treated because they look bad but because they create air and surface toxicity, which requires prompt sanitisation and deodorisation. We can assist with this process, as part of the steam cleaning process, is to shampoo, sanitise and deodorise.

If you are tempted to clean up pet accidents by yourself, beware of the risks. Often, we apply for products that contain bleaches that cause discolouration to your carpets or furnishings. Other risks may involve applying too much detergent or water and then struggling to remove the detergent from the fabric.

Alternatively, if too much water is applied, which cannot be extracted, this may cause a watermark, which leaves terrible ring-like stains around the fabric.

Our technicians have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to determine which cleaning detergents are better matched to certain types of stains.

Trusting Diamond Steam Cleaning team is a much safer alternative to taking matters into your own hands, for pet urine stains, pet faeces stains or pet vomit stains.

Pet accidents are very common and even when your pets are well-behaved, they do leave behind dander, paw prints or general dirt, which also requires steam cleaning treatment from time to time. If you have beloved pets, be sure to make it a habit to book us at least once or twice yearly for a steam clean.

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