End of lease or move out clean Mulgrave, move out clean Dandenong, move
out clean Clayton, move out clean Carnegie, move out clean Bentleigh, move
out clean Malvern, move out clean Wheelers Hill, …. and more!
Let Diamond Steam Cleaning take the stress out of moving out and trust us for
your next end of lease move out carpet clean.
As part of your contract with your landlord, tenants are often obliged to engage
professional carpet cleaners before vacating a premises. When you move out, you
are expected to leave the property in a reasonably clean condition (Residential
Tenancies Act 1997, section 63). The Tenants Victoria website states that “Rental
providers and agents often try to insist that renters must steam clean carpets or
professionally clean the property.”
It is important to turn the premises to a clean state prior to moving out so that your
landlord can return your bond money without any issues. You will often be asked for
a receipt as evidence of a professional carpet clean, which we can provide for you
on the spot.
Some tenants may be tempted to cut costs and hire a machine and steam clean
themselves, or even to DIY spot clean stains using off the shelf products from the
supermarket. This may not be worth the last-minute headache, just as you are about
to hand over the keys! If you are not an expert, you may end up applying too much
product, the incorrect product for the textile of your carpets or even causing
discolouration though hidden bleach ingredients.
Our carpet cleaning process is thorough, involving a three-step clean, whereby, we
shampoo, sanitise and deodorise the carpet. Steam cleaning, as the name
suggests, is a water-based method to cleaning your carpet. In this process, high
pressure hot water is injected into your carpet. When hot water in sprayed into the
carpet, grime, dander and dust is extracted from the carpet.
Steam cleaning is an efficient solution for your end of lease carpet cleaning. With
steam cleaning, we prepare by vacuuming in order to remove surface-based
debris/dirt. Following this, a cleaning solution (eco-friendly) is poured into the steam
cleaning machine. High pressure water is later sprayed into the carpet to loosen the
dirt and stains collected within the fibres. After the dirt is loosened, the water is then
extracted from the carpet using a strong vacuum, together with the dirt.
The end result is fresh, deoderised and visibly clean carpets, ready to walk on (no
shoes of course!)

Move In Clean
Likewise, our technicians are also experienced with move in carpet cleans. This is
a steam clean that is aimed at sanitising and deoderising the carpets because the
property has previously been occupied by someone else. It is important to reset the
property to a clean position, as you do not know how dirty the previous occupants
were and what hidden allergens may be lurking in the carpets.
For your vacant property needs, whether you are moving in or moving out, whether it
is end of lease or a new house, we will gladly steam clean your carpets, furniture or
upholstery. Contact Diamond Steam Cleaning today for a quote on 0426 105 106
or email us at quote@diamondsteamcleaning.com.au

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