Diamond Steam Cleaning also specialises in leather upholstery cleaning

The ownership of leather furniture undoubtedly brings style, comfort and class to your home, vehicle or office that is unmatched by other types of upholstery. But with those benefits, the leather ownership also brings responsibility. It needs to be handled with care and experience, so as to preserve its original properties.

Whether it is in the form of a lounge suite, sofa, ottoman or recliner chair, we are here to help. Leather is like a good skin care regime; it requires constant care and maintenance in order to stay supple and soft.  Regular cleaning of your precious leather upholstery will prevent cracking and keep it looking and feeling like new. To maintain the look of your leather, you should regularly vacuum your leather upholstery with a soft brush attachment in order to avoid scratching. In addition, it is essential to keep leather away from direct sunlight and heat in order to prevent fading and cracking. Never use abrasive chemicals, oils, furniture polish or wipes in order to clean leather. Instead, call our team of cleaning professionals today. 

But there is more to it than simple housekeeping. While regular conventional cleaning will help keep your leather furniture looking its best, we recommend you professionally clean your leather furniture at least once a year. This will remove dirt and oils from your valuable furniture, as well as prevent dryness, cracking or fading.

Our leather treatment process is based around moisturising and replenishing using our high quality European, non-toxic creams. These are applied by our trained experts in order to give your leather upholstery a beautiful, soft finish and shine, restoring it to its former glory. 

Contact Diamond Steam Cleaning for your leather upholstery cleaning needs today. You can reach us on 0426 105 106 for an obligation free estimate!

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