You have probably thought of steam cleaning your carpets or upholstery, but what about your car?

Cars can also receive the benefits of steam cleaning! The water extraction method means that high pressure steam does not scratch the car’s interior surface or paint or damage the electronics in any way. While some types of cleaning rely on chemicals agents, with steam cleaning we only use steam and water.  It is completely safe for pets, children or asthma suffers.

Our team of professionals steam clean fabric upholstery of doors, ceiling, floor, and luggage compartments. We also clean all floor mats and get rid of spills on their surface.

Car steam cleaning upholstery, particularly to car seats, not only removes dirt build up, but also disinfects your car. This is ideal for high traffic contact from children, pets, spills and stains. Steam cleaning is safe on both cloth and leather car interiors.

Steam cleaning ensures the complete removal of dirt and stains from your car upholstery and is the most effective method in terms of brightening the colours of the car upholstery and penetrating the depth of the fibres.

Regular steam cleaning eradicates bacteria on cleaned surfaces and unwelcome smells. So whether you have bought a car and want to make sure it is clean for you are your family or you are a fleet operator (taxi, company cars, wedding & special occasion cars), for car steam cleaning or sanitising Diamond Steam Cleaning are here to help.

Whether you are selling your car and want to add value to its selling price, or just want a “freshen-up”, a Diamond Steam Cleaning service will leave your vehicle looking and smelling great.

You may select from the following car interior steam cleaning services:

  1. Car upholstery odour or stain removal (which also involves treatment using our top of the range European shampoos and conditioners)
  2. Deep cleaning to seats and carpets
  3. Leather cleaning/conditioning/polishing

Call Diamond Steam Cleaning to be rewarded the benefits of a clean car interior. Book your car steam cleaning service today on 0426 105 106.


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