Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Car Interior Steam Cleaning

You have probably thought of steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery, but what about your car?

Cars can also receive the benefits of steam cleaning. We use them every day to get around, transport our shopping, family, kids and pets. This daily use can lead to abuse, resulting in dust, dirt or mud from our shoes, perspiration, spills and stains. Add to the mix the odd snack on the road, especially familiar to those with kids, and after a very short period, your car interior is in desperate need of a decent clean.

Steam cleaning car seats not only removes dirt build up, but also disinfects the seats. This is ideal for high traffic usage from children, pets, spills and stains. Car steam cleaning is safe on both cloth and leather car interiors, as with the steam cleaning process, we only use steam and water. Our process involves a deep hot water extraction steam-clean of upholstery and carpet, and a careful buff cleaning of leather seats.

Having a clean car, not only works for personal comfort and hygiene, but for those who use their vehicle to carry clients for work purposes. In this case, having a clean car is crucial.


A “freshen-up” service from Diamond Steam Cleaning will leave your car looking and smelling great. For those with classic, or prestige cars, this also helps preserve their value and longevity.

You may select from the following car interior steam cleaning services:

  • Car upholstery odour or stain removal (using quality European products)
  • Deep cleaning to seats and carpets
  • Leather cleaning/conditioning/polishing

As leading experts in steam cleaning, our car interior steam cleaning service is unbeatable.

Call Diamond Steam Cleaning to be rewarded the benefits of a clean car interior. Book your service today on 0426 105 106.

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