On 6th September, our Premier confirmed that Melbourne will brace further weeks of coronavirus restrictions beyond September 13, following an extension of Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne.

This means that Diamond Steam Cleaning like many other businesses will need to remain partly open for several more weeks. 

Business Victoria advices that the services that we can provide during this period are emergency or essential cleaning only

Move Out and Move In Cleans

Falling under this category are move out and move in cleans.

Move out steam cleaning services will continue. It has been stated that cleaning services required to allow other essential businesses to continue are permitted. As move out or end of lease cleans are pivotal in facilitating a continuation of the real estate industry, they are permitted.

With regards to move in cleans, we will allow these clean only if they are: required by a real estate agent or the customer is unable to carry out the clean themselves.

Commercial Cleans

By way of the above reasoning, cleaning services for commercial buildings are also permitted to continue as normal.

If you are unsure whether your steam cleaning needs meets these requirements, please feel free to contact Diamond Steam Cleaning with any enquiries seeking clarification of essential or emergency services.

As advice surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy is constantly evolving, we will endeavour to advise customers of any changes as they occur. 

We thank our loyal and valued customers for their continued support during these unprecedented times and thank you for your patience as we await for a full return to normal business operations.

For enquiries, please contact Diamond Stream Cleaning on  0426 105 106 or quote@diamondsteamcleaning.com.au

Melburnians stay safe!


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