As Melbourne plunges into lockdown again, rest assured, Diamond Steam Cleaning are still open for business, doing what we do best – Steam Cleaning

Melbourne, now is the time to stay clean and stay safe, so contact us for your steam cleaning needs, be it upholstery, rugs, carpets, sofas and more, household or commercial. We are ready and equipped to dispense our high quality cleaning artillery to disinfect your home, car or office.

For those families with kids isolated at home, now is the perfect time to give your vehicle a steam clean, allowing it plenty of drying time, ready for your next use. 

Our disinfection steam cleaning process utilises commercial quality cleaning products and professional methodology, which are ecologically friendly and safe for both children and pets. The combination of steam and hot temperature is effective in eliminating germs, bacteria, and allergens from your home.

Giving your home a “freshen up” at this time, will also give your household a chance to disinfect, dedust, deoderise, sanitise and eliminate allergens. Having a clean home environment is likely to mean less allergies and flu-like symptoms like coughs and sniffles caused by excessive dust and bacteria.  This contributes to a stronger immune response.

We all want to stay healthy this COVID winter and to ensure that our homes have less microbes circulating, we need to take firm hygiene initiatives now, as we prepare for the precarious coming months. 

Breath easy and leave it to the professionals. Contact Diamond Steam Cleaning today for a consultation and booking on 0426 105 106.

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