Melbourne, it’s time for a ‘spring clean’ and what better way to deep clean than a professional steam cleaning service from Diamond Steam Cleaning.

Now is the perfect time to clean the dirt and debris from your furnishings that has accumulated throughout the year, just in time for the busy holiday season.

And with a few Melbourne public holidays coming up, we understand that many of you work and struggle to fit cleaning within your busy schedule. We are happy to accommodate our steam cleaning services on these days for your added convenience, at no additional cost.

Steam Cleaning is a thorough way to clean your home due to the hot water extraction method used from this technology. The combination of both heat and steam from our modern and advanced equipment, extracts all the dirt and grime, leaving your fabrics clean, hygienic and sanitised.

With the wet winter weather extra dirt and dust naturally aggregates from ducted heating as well as from wet shoes, so why not give the rugs, carpets and curtains a steam clean? You will see, feel and smell the difference!

Perhaps it’s also time to give the sofa a freshen up, especially if it is looking a little dark and grubby.

Any stains on your carpets or couches? Don’t let them set in, as the longer you leave these, the harder they will be to remove. Often certain fabrics or textiles require a particular treatment so you will not damage the fabric from any ‘DIY’ activity.

Our technicians have the know-how and expertise to recommend the best treatment options as well as offer premium European cleaning agents which are both safe (for kids and pets alike) and eco-friendly.

If you value a clean home environment for you and your family, we also recommend steam cleaning the mattresses at this time. Mattresses, being a heavy furnishing, require additional drying time after steam cleaning and the warmer spring weather is perfect for this! Steam cleaning helps to extract the dirt, grime and sweat from nightly sleeps and is one of the only ways to clean mattresses thoroughly, since they are too big to simply throw into the wash!

Contact our Diamond Steam Cleaning team today for a friendly chat and we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Call us today on 0426105106 or email us via our

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