Is it end of lease time? If you are moving in or moving out and need your carpets steam cleaned, place your trust in the professionals. Diamond Steam Cleaning are here to help and take the pressure away, so you have more time for your big move.

End of lease – Move Out Clean

Moving in and moving out can be a stressful time and the more help you have the better. There are obligations on tenants for end of lease. Usually this requires you to reinstate the condition of the premises to what it was at the start of the lease.

Your make good obligations may include:

  • repairing any damage caused during the lease;
  • cleaning the property thoroughly.

Given that carpets are prone to high traffic, smells and obvious stains, a carpet steam clean is the most logical starting point in fulfilling your end of lease obligations.

This is particularly important if you had pets on the premises for the duration of the lease.
Taking these responsible steps will ensure that there are no issues with getting your bond money back.

Move In Clean

Carpet steam cleaning is also essential to any move in. When we move in to a home, especially after other residents have lived there prior, it is a good idea to start fresh and sanitise the new space you and your family will be living in. This will help get rid of any unknown toxins, bacteria or allergens.

Moreover, there is nothing like stepping into a new fresh smelling home to make you feel welcome and comfortable.
Carpets are just an example of how Diamond Steam Cleaning can help. For your move in or move out needs, we can also steam clean your curtains or other furnishings. Simply contact us for a friendly chat to see how we can help.

Call our staff to make your steam clean booking today on 0426 105 106.

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