Why do carpets need steam cleaning?

For carpet steam cleaning in Malvern, Mulgrave, Rowville, Dandenong, Oakleigh and surrounding suburbs, Diamond Steam Cleaning is a reliable, competitive and quality choice provider.

Carpets are the crux of any home. They offer both warm and comfort and form a first impression upon entering a home. Over time, carpets tend to look dull and soiled and hide many pollutants and allergens. No matter how much we vacuum, deep steam cleaning offers the best solution to remove bacteria and allergens that are deeply embedded in the carpet’s fibres.

Why Hire Diamond Steam Cleaning?

Diamond Steam Cleaning is a trusted family-owned business with extensive knowledge and expertise on various carpet fabrics. We are meticulous and attentive to detail and treat your carpets like our own. To this end, we are able to match the specific cleaning chemicals to suit your carpet, without causing damage to the carpet fibres.

Our professional team will clean your carpets professionally and hygienically using eco-friendly chemicals that leave your carpet entirely safe for kids and pets to walk upon and lie down on.

Be rest assured, we use the best European range of cleaning solutions to meet our high cleaning standards. This is combined by a proven hot water extraction method to deep clean your carpets.

How does the carpet cleaning process work?

Diamond Steam Cleaning uses modern and advanced equipment to discharge extremely hot water into the carpets and extract back the water along with dirt and grime. This technique is called ‘hot water extraction’ method. The high temperature of the water and the pressure removes deeply embedded bacteria and toxins from your carpets. It is a deep cleaning method that works better than most other methods. Steam cleaning is safe for your carpets and may enhance the longevity of your carpets.

Following our steam cleaning service, you will notice the difference in reduced dust, brighter textiles and deodorised scent, not to mention an eradication of nasty embedded bacteria and allergens.

As an additional service, following your carpet steam clean, we also highly recommend fabric protection. Carpet protection assists in keeping your carpet easy to clean in the event of spills or accidents.

When looking for quality carpet cleaning services, Diamond Steam Cleaning is the obvious choice. In order book your next steam cleaning service, please contact our friendly team on 0426 105 106.

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