Steam cleaning is a general household cleaning chore. As we know, household chores never end. They are not a seasonal activity limited only to spring or summer, but we also need to clean in the autumn and winter. Otherwise, your homes or businesses will be infested with dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens.

But why steam clean in winter? Doesn’t it take a while for moisture to dry from steam cleaned surfaces? Well yes, it may take a couple of hours, but with the heater turned up, your carpets, mattresses, curtains and rugs will be dry in no time.

We recommend timing your winter steam cleaning at a time that best suits your family. For example, when they are away at work or school and there is plenty of drying time. We are a family business and we totally understand your family needs.

Winter is a time when we are constantly bringing in dirt and bacteria into our home, especially from wet shoes.

We need to remain vigilant and clean along the way all year round before dirt marks turn into stubborn stains. If we leave our winter stains for the spring or summer, then the damage may be harder and more costly to treat. Even worse, it may be irreversible!

Summer, autumn, winter or spring, our team at Diamond Steam Cleaning are here for all your steam cleaning needs. Our services are well-priced, friendly and reliable. To book your next steam clean or for a free quote, please contact Diamond Steam Cleaning on 0426105106 or

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