Diamond Steam Cleaning are the professionals in steam cleaning your car interior. Our car interior steam cleaning service involves steam cleaning your car seats, floor mats, upholstery and luggage compartments. We take pride in giving your vehicle the treatment it needs to restore its new car feel.

We all rely on using our cars every day. No matter hard we try to maintain the interior cleanliness of our vehicles, our cabins quickly accumulate spills, stains, dust, bacteria.

Car steam cleaning is important at regular intervals as it helps deal with stains, dirt and bacteria that accumulate over daily vehicle use. As pets, kids, dirty shoes, spills and the like make a mess of our cars, these pollutants can cause allergens and smells which tend to get trapped in the car. Without ventilation and proper regular cleaning, this can cause a breeding ground for bacteria and nasty smells.

Using professional and powerful steam cleaning equipment and high quality eco detergents, our technicians can eliminate the spots, soils, dirt, dust and odour from your vehicle. We offer a mobile service, so whether we are steam cleaning your car and your home, or just the car, we come to you.

Our technician will begin by vacuuming the car interior. They will then apply high grade European conditioners before applying a hot water extraction deep cleaning method to extract all the dirt and grime from your car upholstery. For customer with  leather seats, we apply a high-grade cream instead.

Keeping your vehicle in check will help keep its market value if stains are dealt with regularly by our expert steam cleaning service. It also makes your driving experience more pleasant and sanitary.

Reward yourself with a clean car interior by booking a car steam cleaning service with Diamond Steam Cleaning today on 0426 105 106.


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