Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Diamond Steam Cleaning provide professional curtain steam cleaning for any size of textile curtains from light curtains to heavy drapery.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and fully qualified to give advice and recommend the appropriate treatment for different curtain fabrics.
We provide curtain steam cleaning onsite using professional equipment that allows you to clean your curtains while they are hanging, so there is no need to take down your curtains.

Curtains, blinds and drapery are important window dressing features and visual focal points for any room. They either make the room, or break the room, so it is best to keep them clean and bright.

Steam cleaning not only brings back the glow in your blinds by preserving their colour, it also gets rid of the dust and allergens that collect on the surface material over time.

Our curtain steam cleaning process involves the following steps:

Firstly, pre-testing is carried out to determine the curtain fabric and suitability for steam cleaning.

Secondly, we carefully select detergents in order to preserve the true colour of the curtain and avoid colour fading. Be assured that our Diamond Steam Cleaning team is professionally equipped and we use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Thirdly, stains and spots are targeted and treated.

Fourthly, hot water extraction is carried out using our powerful equipment to extract the dirt, stains and pollutants.

And lastly, deodorising is the final part of our service. It leaves your curtains feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Diamond Steam Cleaning’s competitive and flexible service is always available for your convenience. Contact our friendly team today at 0426 105 106 to book your appointment.

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