As we all gear up for the festive season with lots of parties and get togethers, we can anticipate lots of stains and cleaning up.

Red wine stains, food, oil, and drink spills, are likely to add to the festive mix. When a spill occurs, don’t panic and check with the professionals. 

Diamond Steam Cleaning is at your disposal to deal with the mess and stains. Although some may bravely try to remove stains by themselves, hoping that they could manage the situation, in some cases you may end up with damaged carpet or rugs. Our technicians are aware that each stain is caused by different factors. They are also equipped to assess the correct type of treatment to match each affected textile stain.

Diamond Steam Cleaning’s deep steam cleaning professionals are on call and ready to deal with any type of stain removal, regardless of whether it is domestic, commercial or end-of-tenancy cleaning.

This is how the process works. Hot, vaporised water is injected into the carpets at high pressure to clean them and then extracted out. When the water is extracted, the dirt and soil is extracted also. The heat and moisture help to break down and loosen dirt, grime and oils. 

For your added peace of mind, our technicians use only eco-friendly, high-quality European, pet, and child-safe detergents.

To further protect your carpets and other textiles from future wear and tear and staining, we also recommend a Fabric Protection service, which is available upon request. Contact a member of our team to find out how the process works.

For spots and blemishes on your upholstery, carpet or rugs, do not panic, just call the professionals, Diamond Steam Cleaning on 0426 105 106.


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