As we try to tackle the spread of COVID-19, we all need to ensure hygiene standards remain high.

To reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in your home, school, office or building, we recommend more frequent cleaning of your premises, including those with no confirmed cases of coronavirus. When cleaning, extra attention should be given to ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles and light switches. If there has been a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus at your home or facility, it is recommended that the property is steam cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risk of transmission to others.

This is especially true if you know that you have come into contact with someone who has contracted the virus, in which case you may want to take a few extra steps in your cleaning regime to ensure your home, office or building remains as germ-free as possible. This is where the professional team at Diamond Steam Cleaning can help.

In accordance with government guidelines to cleaning in the context of COVID-19, all surfaces that the symptomatic person has come into contact with, must be cleaned and disinfected.

When items cannot be cleaned using detergents or laundered, for example, upholstered furniture and mattresses, steam cleaning should be used. Steam cleaning is another way to sanitise by bringing the contaminated surface into contact with extreme heat to kill bacteria or germs. If you want to target germs on an area like fabric or carpet, steam cleaning is more effective than trying to use chemical products which are not designed for those areas.

Steam cleaning is a proven way of decontaminating surfaces that are contaminated with all types of pathogens.

Coronavirus & Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Deep Steam Cleaning Services can sanitise your carpets with our disinfection steam process, and commercial-grade cleaning products and professional methodology,

The temperature required to kill viruses outside the body is about 60°C. During steam cleaning, the temperatures get even hotter than that (at least 66°C) and sometimes well above boiling point. Hot water extraction sanitisation kills germs and helps to protect your workspace, home, school, aged care facility etc. Steam cleaning will target bacteria, mould, fungus, and dust mites that thrive in carpet fibres, and the process will sterilise any underlying pollutants. This means that giving your carpets a good steam clean will eradicate any active virus spores remaining in them, making it a vital decontamination measure.

Steam cleaning is highly recommended for curtains, mattresses, and soft furnishings that cannot be disinfected with regular cleaning sprays. The health benefits of steam cleaning are that it is safe and eco-friendly as well as being able to eliminate viruses.

Despite the health benefits of steam cleaning, this service shows bona fide:

  • Compliance with occupational health and safety procedures;
  • Discharge of duty of care obligations as lessee/lessor, education providers (schools and universities) health and residential care facilitator, to name a few.

Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment and Coronavirus

When carrying out our steam cleaning service, at this time, our technician will arrive with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks and suits. PPE is very important when using chemicals and for the safety of our staff. Although the steam cleaning process involves a physical presence, our technician will also observe social distancing measures with building occupants, as well as safe hygiene practices at all times.

Rapid Emergency Response and Peace of Mind

If you are worried about the spread of coronavirus at your office, business or school premises then book in a precautionary steam cleaning service with Diamond Streaming Cleaning. Our carpet deep cleaning and sanitising services deliver exceptional standards and results. Our carpet cleaning technicians use in-house techniques to deliver superb results every time and are proud to use high quality European cleaning products.

As you may imagine our steam cleaning services are currently in high demand. We are striving to offer our services as efficiently as ever, and we are committed to provide you with rapid emergency response. Call Diamond Steam Cleaning today to book your service, on 0426 105 106.

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