Cleaning carpets is a must for a clean and hygienic environment. Carpets are prone to stains, spills and dirt build-up over time. Therefore, it is essential to maintain high standards of cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, there are generally two main options: steam cleaning and dry cleaning. The question is which option is better? In our professional opinion, we recommend carpet steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning employs cleaning carpets using hot water. It functions by employing special equipment which under high pressure injects water into carpet and then extracts it. When the water is removed from the carpet, it removes the dirt and grime, leaving behind a fresh, clean carpet.

For especially dirty carpets in need of stain removal, a pre-spray can be applied to the carpet to help remove stubborn soil.

What are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning?

The main benefit of steam cleaning is it achieves a deeper clean by removing dirt from the core to the surface of carpets. Steam cleaning is also more beneficial as it involves use of more eco-friendly chemical products. Just keep in mind that carpet steam cleaning, although is the better option, does take a little longer to fully dry.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

As opposed to steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning does not involve as much moisture, so it dries faster. The carpet is vacuumed then treated with a solution made from solvents. Solutions help break down the dirt within the carpet using machinery with cotton pads to remove stains.

Although it dries faster, the efficiency of dry cleaning depends on the quality of the solvent being used and expertise of the technician. Dry cleaning is also less effective in collecting dirt from a carpet compared to steam cleaning which provides a more thorough carpet wash.

So, for your next carpet steam clean, call the professionals, Diamond Steam Cleaning on 0426105106.

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