Fabric protection is a special treatment that is applied to upholstered furniture, carpets & rugs, curtains, automotive upholstery and more. 

In technical terms, fabric protection is a high-grade professional fluoropolymer which acts as a film on the fabric, by creating a “shield,” that allows for ease of stain removal to a greater extent than non-treatment. It also adds a layer of protection against dirt, mould, bacteria, and oil and water-based stains.

The best time to apply fabric protection is immediately after the steam cleaning process. Fabric protection locks in our expert treatment and helps prevent stains.

Whilst there is no fabric protector which can provide a guarantee against stains, fabric protectors do provide a valuable layer of protection by allowing stains to remain on a “superficial level,” rather than penetrating deep into the fibres of the fabric.

Our process is beneficial because it enhances the longevity of your furniture by minimising wear and tear and prolonging your next steam cleaning service. The cost of fabric maintenance is far cheaper than the cost of replacement due to neglect and high use.

We use only premium, professionally formulated chemicals. These are far superior to cheap “off the shelf” DIY alternatives available from the supermarket. Our technicians are experienced in applying the solution and assessing the suitability of application to your delicate fabrics and upholstery and where necessary, pre-test to assess suitability for your precious fabrics.

Fabric protection makes great sense for all households, especially for families with kids or pets, where accidents are unavoidable.

Book your fabric protection service with your next steam clean today. Please call our Diamond Steam Cleaning team on 0426 105 106 or reach us on quote@diamondsteamcleaning.com.au, to discuss how we can help.

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