When was the last time you cleaned your curtains or blinds?

Well now is the perfect opportunity as we gear up for the holidays and summer entertaining. As with other fabrics and textiles, we recommend you do it with steam cleaning!

Melbournians are long overdue for their parties and catchups and when having people over you probably want your home looking its best.

Curtains, drapes and blind cleaning is a chore that often gets overlooked when cleaning, but it is just as important to any general or spring clean. Curtains literally frame the house and draw our undivided attention.

Over time, they tend to build up quite a bit of dust and allergens and environmental factors, such as moisture in our homes can lead to yellowish or blackish discolouration. Curtains tend to trap dust, allergens and odours a bit like an air filter, so they could be affecting the air quality of your house.

Curtain steam cleaning from Diamond Stream Cleaning can do more than remove surface debris, as it can penetrate deep into the fabric fibres of your curtains, restoring the overall appearance of your blinds, curtains or drapes. This is all achieved with safe and not toxic solutions, whilst our technical expertise and experience with all types of fabrics and textiles, will ensure their preservation. Diamond Steam Cleaning can even clean tough stains and spots.

There is no need to remove your curtains or blinds, as we will steam them out and they will be left hanging to dry, with no mess and no inconvenience.

In order to preserve the look and grace of your curtains, blind or drapes, call the professional curtain cleaners. As soon as they are given a steam cleaning treatment from Diamond Steam Cleaning, you will notice the difference.

To book your next steam clean, call our friendly Diamond Steam Cleaning team on 0426 105 106.

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