Sofa Cleaning/sofa stain removal

At Diamond Steam Cleaning, we offer exceptional couch cleaning in Melbourne for both residential
and commercial properties. Whether your couch looks tired from daily traffic, spills, pet stains,
odours or other stains, we are here to help. We provide professional couch cleaning assistance to
get your sofa, lounge, couch or upholstery looking its best.

Couches are central and important furniture pieces in any home, but through extensive use,
contaminants can become trapped underneath the surface. This situation causes a breeding ground
for germs, bacteria and other allergens, not to mention smells, unsightly stains and a darkened,
grimy appearance.

Diamond Steam Cleaning offers specialised couch cleaning to: remove stains, odours, dust mites as
well as deoderise and sanitise. We utilise the latest technology to ensure quality results. Our work is
not outsourced, which ensures quality control, ensuring a bespoke service every time.
Our technicians are fully trained to assess the fabric of your sofa or upholstery and use the
appropriate methodology, temperature and chemicals to suit, ensuring a safe clean. We ensure the
safest and most environmentally friendly, non-toxic products are used for your clean. These
products are sourced from quality European or American suppliers.
How long does it take for my sofa to dry?
If your sofa has been steam cleaned, it should take approximately 3 to 4 hours during warmer
weather and a little longer during colder months. Providing ventilation during daytime and heating
during the evening will speed up the drying process.
But having a slightly moist couch is a small cost to pay and still preferable to other types of cleaning,
as it utilises less chemicals in comparison to other cleaning methods and provides a deep clean as
opposed to a superficial clean.

For your next couch clean, why not entrust your precious sofa to Diamond Steam Cleaning, the
Melbourne sofa steam cleaning professionals. Reach out to us today by calling or texting your
enquiry to 0426105106. Our friendly team are here to help with all your steam cleaning enquiries.

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