Whilst the main household focus on cleanliness tends to be on carpets and upholstery, we often overlook the need to clean our curtains, drapery & blinds. Over time fabrics lose their bright colours, their appeal, bear stains, begin to smell grimy, and of course gather a myriad of dust mites, bacteria and allergens. For those who do make the effort to sanitise their curtains and blinds, they can reassure you of the immediate aesthetic benefit of having their curtains steam cleaned. Besides the obvious elimination of allergens, they will look and smell fresh instantly.

Blinds and curtains provide the framework and focus for your windows, so it is essential to keep them looking fresh and appealing. Some curtains may bear heavy pleats, folds or other fancy features or are highly hung, making them difficult to vacuum or clean with conventional household methods.

Diamond Steam Cleaning can take away the burden of cleaning your curtains, blinds or drapery without going through the hassle of removing them from the hooks or rods, adding a professional touch and finish every time. To restore the look of drapery, curtains & blinds, Call our trusted team of experts today.

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