Rugs are an important decorative feature of any home. They are designed for aesthetic appeal, as they brighten up the house. They also serve a practical function: to be sat on, stepped on, and entertained on, providing comfort and warmth. They are subject to feet, shoes, paws, spills, food scraps, not to mention dirt and dust which can leave your precious textiles looking old and dreary.

Cleaning rugs is not as simple as popping them in the washing machine. Besides being too large, this is a job for the experts.

Diamond Steam Cleaning will attend your premises and clean your rugs in-house, leaving them looking fresh and like new.

Rug cleaning is a delicate process best left to the professionals. Whether your rug is synthetic, cotton, silk, Oriental, Persian or shag, our expert technician will carefully assess the type of fibre and apply the appropriate detergent for treating marks or stains.

The Diamond Steam Cleaning technician will then apply the hot water extraction method which involves hot water and cleaning agents, at high pressure to remove all the dirt and allergens from your rugs.

You might be tempted to spot clean on your own with do-it-yourself products easily available from the supermarket. This is risky, as over the counter products may not be the right quality or product match for the specific textile of your rug. A Diamond Steam Cleaning service will, as we are able to identify and understand the construction, dyes and material used in your rugs. This ensures that your rugs are handled delicately and with care. Our range of detergents are premium, European grade and are not harsh on textiles or the home environment.

To book your expert rug steam cleaning service, please contact our Diamond Steam Cleaning team on 0426 105 106.

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